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First Aid Procedure for Convulsions

First Aid Procedure for Convulsions

First Aid Procedure for Convulsions

Have you ever found yourself in an emergency where first aid was required? Although the unpredictability of such a situation makes it difficult to determine when it will occur, you can undergo first aid training or take CPR classes. Quick CPR offers these programs to help individuals gain the required skills to help during an emergency as the patients wait to receive more specialized care. Convulsions are among the most common emergencies that can happen at the least expected time, without even the patient being aware. Regardless of where you are, having the skills to provide emergency care to convulsing individuals goes a long way in ensuring their wellbeing.

A convulsion is usually an uncontrollable body shake caused by muscle contractions, which make the person experiencing them collapse. Once the patient collapses, they become unresponsive and start to pass urine and form foam in their mouth without knowing what is happening to them and around them. Convulsions are commonly referred to as seizures or fits caused by an abnormal electrical brain signal.

Most people who have epilepsy are likely to experience recurring convulsions, and that’s why Quick CPR advocates for first aid training and CPR classes to increase the safety and wellness of such people around us. When an epileptic person experiences a seizure, the most important thing to do is to remain calm as you reassure those around to stay calm. Being present during such situations can be overwhelming for most people, and that’s why it’s advisable to consider first aid training, which equips you with the skills to provide the needed help.

Why First Aid Training is Important

Lack of information is why people who suffer from a health problem causing them to convulse are stigmatized. Having the right information and skills goes a long way in ensuring that a convulsing person doesn’t injure or harm themselves. After experiencing a convulsion, the individual starts to come, but they tend to be frightened and confused. First aid training equips you with the skills to reassure and comfort them as they try to understand what happened.

If a pregnant woman has a seizure, it becomes a potentially life-threatening situation where the unborn child and mother risk losing their lives. This is also referred to as eclampsia, and Quick CPR can help you gain the skills to provide care and guarantee their safety.

Basic First Aid for Convulsions

The first step is to help the patient to the ground carefully and remove nearby objects to protect them from head injuries. It would help if you didn’t stop the shaking or attempt to restrain the patient since you could be causing more harm. Once the shaking comes to an end, you should put them in the recovery position as you wait for them to wake up. If the person is experiencing difficulty breathing, the next step is to call for help and perform CPR.

Taking CPR classes and first aid training is important during such situations and many other health-related emergencies. Contact Quick CPR and get started on your training today at an affordable price.