CPR Classes in Sandy Springs, GA

CPR Classes in Sandy Springs, GA

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR is an emergency procedure consisting of repeated chest compressions and artificial ventilation. The aim is to preserve brain function before further treatment. Since it is an emergency procedure, Quick CPR advocates and provides CPR classes in Sandy Springs, equipping you with the skills needed to save a life when the need arises. Just like first aid training, CPR classes are vital in equipping individuals to help those in need during life-threatening situations. Most people tend to avoid signing up for CPR classes because they think they’ll never have to use it, which is not valid.

If you plan to sign up for CPR classes in Sandy Springs, then an online search of CPR classes near me might be an excellent place to start. However, this doesn’t guarantee you quality training since you barely have sufficient information about the CPR instructors you come across. By reaching out to our team of professional CPR instructors in Sandy Spring, you are guaranteed top-notch training by experienced CPR experts. Some of the things you need to know before enrolling in CPR classes include:

Class Level

Compared to other medical and first aid training classes, CPR is the shortest and only takes a maximum of three hours. CPR classes in Sandy Springs are not restricted to specific people, and anyone can undergo training. Although candidates don’t get as much intensive training as paramedics, CPR comes in handy when dealing with life-threatening emergencies such as heart attacks. The aim of the training is usually standardized, and the class levels consist of:

Adult CPR Classes

There are various scopes of CPR training, and the simplest form can be learned in less than an hour. Our expert CPR instructors in Sandy Springs cover all the bases from teens, adults, and adolescents. If you are caring for someone at home, regardless of the condition they are suffering from, signing up for adult CPR classes goes a long way in ensuring that they are in safe hands. We can also personalize your training to include extra equipment at home, such as an automated external defibrillator.

Pediatric CPR Classes

If you provide care to young children below eight years in Sandy Springs, then this is the most suitable CPR class for you. Our CPR instructors take you through resuscitation techniques that are different from the ones used for adults. These techniques include airway clearance and proper ratio for chest compression for young children, infants, and toddlers. This means that besides caregivers, teachers, daycare volunteers, and many more need to sign up for child and infant CPR.

First Aid Training in Sandy Springs, GA

Basic Life for Healthcare Providers

This type of class is also called CPR for professionals and is offered to all emergency medical personnel in Sandy Springs. It covers ventilation devices, AED, two-person CPR techniques, and barriers to rescue breathing. Anyone in Sandy Springs looking to join the medical field must undergo this level of training.

Contact us at Quick CPR and learn more about our CPR and first aid training in Sandy Springs. Our team of CPR instructors is experienced and qualified in providing top-notch training for medical emergencies.