CPR Classes in Dunwoody, GA

CPR Classes in Dunwoody

A vital skill that one is required to have is how to perform CPR. That’s why Quick CPR has a team of professional CPR instructors who provide top-notch CPR classes in Dunwoody. You are probably wondering: why is this skill so important to acquire? The reality is that taking CPR classes equips you with the necessary skills to save lives during the event of an emergency. According to the American Heart Association, roughly 80% of cardiac arrests that occur outside the hospital happen at home, and that’s why it’s important to consider CPR classes and first aid training in Dunwoody.

CPR is a combination of chest compression techniques and mouth-to-mouth designed to help an unresponsive person come to. These lifesaving skills go a long way in helping someone avoid permanent brain damage or even death. Our professional CPR instructors in Dunwoody ensure that you can provide CPR promptly, improving a patient’s chances of survival and recovery in the event of an emergency. Some of the life-threatening events that may require one to use CPR include:

Electrical Injuries

When a person comes into contact with high electrical voltage, they are likely to sustain severe burns, violent muscle contractions, cardiac arrest, and even death. That’s why it’s important to take CPR classes and first aid training to ensure that victims can access quality care when such emergencies occur as they await to receive professional medical help.

Electrical injuries are quite common in Dunwoody and usually occur in several ways, from touching electrical appliances with wet hands to coming into contact with a downed power line. Our CPR instructors ensure that you have the necessary lifesaving skills needed to help them in an emergency.

First Aid Training in Dunwoody, GA

Fires and Smoke Inhalation

Did you know that the fire itself does not cause most fire-related deaths? According to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), these fatalities are caused by the resulting smoke inhaled by the victims. Fires usually occur at the least convenient time and have various causes that range from candles to cigarettes and more.

During a fire emergency, victims experience dizziness, nausea, impaired judgment, cardiac arrest, and even death. As a result of smoke inhalation, a victim is likely to suffer cardiac arrest and having sufficient CPR and first aid training are vital in saving their lives.


Drowning is a common occurrence not just in Dunwoody but also in the rest of the world. During a drowning emergency, the victim experiences a decrease in oxygen levels as water enters the lungs, resulting in a cardiac arrest or worse. With drowning being the third common cause of death globally, undergoing first aid training or taking CPR classes might not be such a bad idea.

We have a dedicated team of experienced and well-informed CPR instructors dedicated to helping you gain these vital lifesaving skills. If you want to expand your skill portfolio, a quick online search of CPR classes near me will put you on the right path. Contact us today at Quick CPR for quality first aid training and CPR classes in Dunwoody.