Heartsaver First Aid Training

Heartsaver First Aid Training

Are you the kind of person that likes being prepared for everything? Then having knowledge of first aid is a must. Whether you are a health care professional, a parent, or simply a good Samaritan, the specialists at Quick CPR have a course that can help you reach your goals. Heartsaver First Aid Training provides a way for individuals with little medical experience to gain an opportunity to learn life saving techniques that can help themselves or others during a crisis. If you’re unsure whether this class is right for you, read below for more details. 

What Is Heartsaver First Aid Training and Who Is It For? 
The Heartsaver First Aid Training program was created for non-medical professionals who need certification for first aid for their workplace or personal development. This class covers the basics of first aid and how to handle common medical emergencies. Teachers, managers, and construction foremen are just a few of the professionals who frequently prefer to have knowledge of appropriate first aid techniques. Some individuals also take Heartsaver classes so they are prepared to safe lives in an urgent situation. This course teaches the following principals:

  • How to handle injuries and common medical emergencies. 
  • What to do during environmental related crisis. 
  • Injury and illness prevention.
  • The basics of administering first aid.  
  • You will also receive learning materials that can be kept for future reference following completion of the course. 

The Heartsaver First Aid Training program can be taken in tandem with the Heartsaver CPR AED or BLS course as a bundled package. Speak with our team for more information about bundling classes. 

In-Person Classroom Setting 
The in-person Heartsaver First Aid class provides a structured traditional educational setting with one-on-one interaction. The learning materials are provided via video technology, and the second portion of the program gives student’s active engagement with their newly acquired skillset. Students will be instructed on proper techniques by experienced educators and will then receive their course completion card. 

Blended Option for Busy Schedules
The blended class offers a self-paced online learning environment coupled with an in-person session for hands-on experience with a live instructor. This is a great option for those who need more flexibility in their scheduling. If you are a busy professional who prefers to learn from the comfort of your own home or workspace, then this is likely the right choice for you. 

Is It Time for You to Invest in Your Future? Call Quick CPR to Find Out More
Do you want CPR and first aid training certification that is fast, effective, and budget friendly? Then you have found the perfect solution. There’s no need to hesitate. Get the quality education you need to reach your goals. Simply call or visit the experienced team at Quick CPR in Atlanta, Georgia. We offer a wide selection of quality life support classes for beginners and experienced medical professionals. Speak with our friendly staff for more details or to schedule your next class session.