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What is ACLS Certification?

What is ACLS Certification?

What is ACLS Certification?

ACLS certification is usually required for professionals in the healthcare industry who specialize in the management or participation of cardiopulmonary emergencies. Although CPR certification and first aid training provide a person with skills to provide first-response to victims, it doesn’t require intensive medical and equipment knowledge. At Quick CPR, we provide quality Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) training that takes essential life support (BLS) to a whole other level by providing medical professionals the skills and knowledge required to make a critical decision and provide better care to victims.

Once you have attained your ACLS certification, you will be required to come in for recertification after every two years to maintain an active certification. If you are a medical professional looking to acquire your ACLS certification or recertification, Quick CPR is your go-to service provider. We have an experienced team who have extensive knowledge of ACLS and CPR certification. Any questions you have about ACLS certification, training, and the process involved will be answered before commencing the program.

What Does ACLS Involve?

BLS and CPR certification is vital in ensuring you possess the required skills needed at the beginning of the resuscitation process. However, ACLS takes this further by allowing a medical professional to get down to the actual lifesaving. During your ACLS training, the professionals at Quick CPR will provide you with the skills needed to handle complex equipment and techniques to save someone in a cardiac-related emergency. 

Unlike BLS and CPR certification, ACLS doesn’t stop at resuscitation, and it allows you to treat the patient using intravenous medication. A medical professional with ACLS certification is conversant with procedures that incorporate administering IVs and incubation. You can also leverage advanced medical equipment to diagnose and monitor patients experiencing an emergency effectively.

How to Certify in ACLS

There are usually two ways a person can certify in ACLS. The first step involves enrolling for an ACLS course at Quick CPR, where you will attend a typical classroom or online-based system. At Quick CPR, we encourage willing participants to visit our offices or signup for our online ACLS certification course. If you don’t know where to start, searching online is an excellent way of finding local companies that provide ACLS certification.

Since ACLS is more intensive than other resuscitation training, applicants are expected to pass a written test. On the other hand, an online course is less demanding, and you can undergo the training at your speed and test your skills when you are ready. After the program is over, you’ll be expected to demonstrate the skills you have gained by showing how you can apply them in a real-life emergency.

What are you waiting for? The professional team at Quick CPR has the relevant knowledge and experience to provide top-notch hands-on training in the classroom setting and flexible online training. We recommend either method since they are both valuable for ACLS certification. Contact us today at Quick CPR and begin your ACLS certification training with the experts.