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The Importance of CPR Training For Teachers and School Staffs?

The Importance of CPR Training For Teachers and School Staffs?

The Importance of CPR Training For Teachers and School Staffs?

Children spend most of their time in school learning, interacting, playing, and making friends. However, young children are often vulnerable to illness and injuries, requiring school staff and teachers to have first aid and CPR training. Medical emergencies occur at the least expected time, and teachers or other school personnel are the first responders to provide care before receiving professional help. At Quick CPR, we believe that school is a crucial part of a child’s life, and ensuring teachers and other staff have first aid and CPR certification goes a long way in ensuring safety and good health. Our team has extensive expertise and experience to equip you with the skills needed to provide emergency care safely and effectively. Here are some reasons why CPR training for teachers and school staff is important.

Promote a Sense of Safety

Over 20% of injuries involving students occur during school hours, which is quite a significant number of cases if you consider the student population in the country. Teachers, school staff, and students significantly reduce the frequency and damage of medical emergencies on school grounds. Getting a first aid or CPR certification promotes safety within the institution, drastically reducing vulnerability to injuries and accidents. It also gives you confidence in managing incidents and assessing the casualty to determine the right course of action.

Reducing Mortality Rate (School Accidents and Injuries)

An article published by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed that injuries cause two-thirds of the fatalities among children aged 5 to 19. Since most children and adolescents within this age bracket spend most of their time in school, teachers should be equipped with the knowledge and skills to provide care before the damage is irreversible. Another survey by the Red Cross shows that 60% of these cases can be prevented if first aid is administered minutes after the incident.

Quick Response and Reduce Recovery Time

If first aid or CPR is provided within the first minutes of the incident, it increases the victim’s chances of recovery. Response time is vital in emergencies and can mean long or short-term disability. Something as simple as dressing a wound or applying an ice pack can significantly impact the recovery process, reducing the time one spends in the hospital. A CPR-certified person can provide care better than a person who hasn’t undergone training, and that’s why teachers need to be equipped with the skills to handle medical emergencies.

Prevent the Condition from Worsening

First aid and CPR are temporary medical care critical in preventing further deterioration of the victim’s condition. CPR training ensures you apply the right techniques to prevent the situation from worsening until emergency services arrive. Without first aid and CPR interventions in schools, students can suffer serious illnesses, severe blood loss or worse, death. CPR training for teachers and school personnel can help mitigate these problems before they get out of hand and cause permanent damage.

Contact us today at Quick CPR and enroll for CPR training from experienced healthcare professionals. We provide customized programs to suit various needs for maximum impact and effectiveness. It is never too late or early to learn lifesaving skills.