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Jobs That Require CPR Certificates

Jobs That Require CPR Certificates

Jobs That Require CPR Certificates

Most people spend their lives thinking they don’t need CPR certification or they’ll never have to use it. With nearly half a million Americans dying from cardiac arrest every year, and over two-thirds of those instances occurring outside the hospital, employers outside the medical field need to enroll their employees in CPR classes. That’s where Quick CPR comes in as a reputable institution with a professional team of emergency medical care experts, ready to provide customized sessions that suit your working schedule and environment. Here are some of the jobs we recommend employees get CPR certification.

Construction Workers

Construction workers often deal with dangerous tools and equipment during a building project, not to mention their heights. All these are risk factors that can cause onsite injuries or put pressure on pre-existing injuries. At Quick CPR, we ensure that all your construction workers have sufficient first aid training to address injuries in the workplace, which covers the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED) and basic CPR. After completing your CPR classes and getting certified, you will be required to complete regular in-person coursework and drills every two years.

Child Care Providers

Performing CPR on an adult is different from an infant and child. Failing to know the difference can result in significant damage or further deterioration of the victim’s condition. During our CPR classes, we take the time to cover all the bases so that you can differentiate the various types of CPR to save their lives. Most areas require people working in childcare facilities to acquire special pediatric first aid certification and CPR certification. Quick CPR gives you the option of completing these certifications online or in-person, which are renewed after two years.

Athletic Trainers

If you are an athletic trainer or thinking about joining that line of work, you need to complete several emergency care certifications. These include pediatric CPR, Adult CPR, Proper AED use, airway obstruction, second rescuer CPR, and the use of barrier devices. These classes consist of an in-person test, which our experienced and qualified instructor conducts. Like most emergency care certifications, you need to renew them after two years to ensure you have brushed your knowledge and skills.


CPR training for teachers is becoming slowly mandatory across most states, requiring them to get CPR certified and undertake first aid training. Teachers are also required to provide proof of passing, and the copies added to their profiles. Although CPR classes can be completed online, in this case, it isn’t acceptable. We take the time to customize the ideal CPR classes to help you provide effective emergency care to learners at any level.

Flight Attendant

The flight attendants and stewards are usually the only two available personnel to handle emergencies in transit. It is mandatory for all flight attendants to participate in a CPR certification program, to refresh on various drills such as AEDs and CPR. Contact us today at Quick CPR, and start your journey towards CPR certification.