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Importance of CPR Training for Security Guards

Importance of CPR Training for Security Guards

Importance of CPR Training for Security Guards

CPR certification courses are an excellent way of diversifying our portfolios and skill set. It also adds employee value to an organization, especially security guards. This is one of the most engaging professions involving full-time surveillance of the premises. With over 60% of cardiac emergencies happening outside a hospital setting, security guards in any facility can provide life-saving care before professional EMTs arrive. Quick CPR offers specialized security guard CPR classes, ensuring the bottom line is achieved without compromising your daily routine. There are many reasons companies should invest in CPR and first aid training for their security guards, but safety is the most vital.

CPR and First Aid Training for Security Guards

As mentioned, enrolling in CPR classes increases the employment ability of any profession, and security guards are no exception. You need your employees and clients to feel safe knowing they have a trained security guard to contain medical emergencies while professional help is on the way. If you want to join a security firm, registering for an online or in-person CPR certification program increases your chances of recruitment.

Many organizations prefer candidates hired to fill such a role to have CPR and first aid training. Companies can also put their security team through CPR classes to upskill the staff. Security guards are usually the first to respond in emergencies, and it’s highly beneficial if they have the skills and knowledge to provide life-saving help. First aid and CPR training not only improves your security team’s efficiency and proficiency, but also guarantees everyone’s safety within the premises.

Ability to Prevent the Occurrence of Life-Threatening Emergencies

While it is difficult to predict when a medical emergency will occur, CPR-certified security guards can prevent minor issues from becoming more pronounced. Our training programs cover all the bases, from the cause of injuries to preventive measures. Active care is key to preventing emergencies, which can be achieved through relevant training to increase the quality of services offered by security guards.

Ability to Recognize Life-Threatening Situations

CPR and first aid training offer the knowledge and skills to recognize different emergencies and effective management techniques. When a trained individual provides emergency care, it prevents further injuries, increases the chances of survival, and speeds up the recovery rate. Common cases like choking and cardiac arrest require a particular qualification to handle the situation effectively.

Since security guards are always on location, they are the first to offer help during emergencies and provide professional responders with a history of the occurrence. Whether you want a CPR certification in Roswell or re-certification, we offer online and in-person classes to suit your schedule.

Perform Multiple Roles

A CPR-certified security guard offers more than just surveillance and can act as a rescuer during emergencies by providing medical help to prevent fatalities. Versatility is essential for employees, especially when it involves providing emergency care to injured victims. It also equips them with the confidence to maintain calm amid crises, make critical decisions, and give informed directives.

Contact us at Quick CPR today for online or in-person CPR classes. Our team of professional healthcare providers can design a program suited to your needs. Schedule a consultation and enjoy quality services at competitive market rates.