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Heart Attack Symptoms in Women

Heart Attack Symptoms in Women

Cardiac cases are common across the country, with over 60% of heart attacks occurring outside a hospital. Even though both men and women are at risk, it is different for the female gender. Heart attacks in men usually show classic symptoms, such as chest pain radiating from one arm. These symptoms can still occur in women, but vague or silent symptoms often go undetected until it is too late. Quick CPR offers personalized CPR certification training, ensuring you detect trivial signs before the situation gets out of hand. Here are heart attack symptoms in women you need to know.

Chest Pain or Discomfort

Chest pain is a common heart attack symptom for both genders, but some women have a unique experience than men. It usually presents itself as fullness or squeezing anywhere in the chest area, unlike typical chest pains on the left side. This makes the experience more uncomfortable and only worsens if care is not provided in time. Our professional instructors can help you detect and address chest pain through online and in-person CPR classes.

Pain in Your Arms, Neck, Back, or Jaw

This is more common in women, and it is usually difficult to associate the pain with a heart attack. If you expect the pain to start in the chest and left arm when you experience discomfort in the jaw or back, you are less likely to consider it a potential heart attack. We recommend reporting unexplained pain above the waist and addressing minor symptoms before they become more pronounced.

Stomach Pain

Another symptom that is often misdiagnosed is stomach pain. It is mistaken for stomach ulcers, heartburn, or the flu. Women also experience severe abdominal pressure fills like they have a bolder placed on their stomach. This uncomfortable feeling can quickly escalate to a full heart attack if care is not provided. With CPR certification training under your portfolio, you can differentiate a normal stomach from a potential heart attack.

Shortness of Breath, Lightheadedness, or Nausea

Are you having difficulty breathing for no apparent reason? If so, visit a healthcare professional to ensure it is not a heart attack, especially if you are experiencing multiple symptoms. Most women feel like they just ran a marathon even if they haven’t made a move, resulting in lightheadedness and nausea.


Breaking out in a cold, nervous sweat is a common symptom among women that is usually mistaken for stress. You should have checked if you hadn’t spent time in the heat or had an intensive training session. Schedule an appointment with a professional healthcare practitioner if you aren’t experiencing menopausal hot flashes, and there’s no reason to sweat like that.


Some women about to experience a cardiac emergency feel exhausted. This can happen even when there’s little or no involvement in physical activities. If you feel tired around the chest area, or can’t perform simple activities like walking around the house, consider going for a checkup.

Our individualized CPR classes cover most of these symptoms, ensuring you mitigate further deterioration following heart attack symptoms. Reach out to our professional representatives and enroll in CPR certification training. We offer quality in-person and online classes to help you make the most of the program.