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Everything You Need to Know About AEDs

Everything You Need to Know About AEDs

Everything You Need to Know About AEDs

AEDs are easily accessible, with most commercial buildings having one stashed in their medical kit for emergencies. This means that most people require AED training to use these devices effectively, especially during an emergency properly. That’s why Quick CPR is dedicated to offering CPR classes and AED training in Atlanta to equip individuals with the skills they require to use these crucial life-saving devices.

The reality is that AEDs have been around for a while, with the first external defibrillator being used in the late 1940s. However, the portable version, which is easily accessible, was invented in the 1960s by Frank Pantridge, an Irish pioneer in emergency medical treatment (EMT). The Automatic External Defibrillator prompts users to use it, making it simple to use when the need arises.

How an AED Works

During the CPR classes AED training offered by our experts at Quick CPR, you will learn that an AED is used to control heart fibrillation. Using an electric current, the AED delivers controlled charges to the heart via the chest wall, which is in the form of a shock. By providing quality AED training in Atlanta, our experts can effectively instill the skills needed to hook this device to someone who needs emergency medical treatment. The ability to take charge of an emergency requires courage and confidence in the skills you possess to increase the chances of survival for someone in dire need of CPR. 

When and How an AED Should Be Used

Unlike most medical equipment that requires extensive training and expertise, an AED is easy to use, especially after AED training from the experts at Quick CPR. Whenever someone is unconscious or unresponsive due to a cardiac arrest or any other medical emergency that requires CPR, having the ability to use an AED goes a long way in ensuring they get a chance to receive better medical treatment.

Using an AED is simple, and all it requires is to turn on the button, and it directs the user on what to do next. The pads on the AED have images to guide users on how to place them on the chest properly, and the AED will detect it before proceeding to rest the heart’s electrical rhythm.

Our AED training and CPR classes focus on all the vital details of the device, the most important things that one should always have in mind. AEDs are usually simple to use, and even a person who hasn’t undergone any training can follow the guidelines provided and save a life. THEREFORE, quick CPR is focused on providing quality AED training in Atlanta to equip as many people as possible with life-saving skills.

We have a dedicated team of experts who have experience in emergency care, which makes our CPR classes precise and informative. Don’t wait for an emergency to happen, and you aren’t prepared. Contact us today at Quick CPR and enjoy top-notch AED training at a pocket-friendly rate.