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CPR Category: BLS

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It's a Fact that between 75 - 80% of all cardiac arrests happen at home! You never know if you may have to save the life of a love one!

This class is designed to teach CPR and AED use to adults and teens who careers do not require certification to work. This class is for anyone who want to learn CPR and AED use for their own personal knowledge. You will not receive a certification card with this class even though you may be in the class with someone that will. You will learn the same skills that a person with certification will learn. 

In this class you will practice and learn CPR with adult and infant manikins, and practice using a AED. There will be video lectures from the American Heart Association along with hands on skills during the class. Please dress comfortably.

This class is good for teens, clubs, church groups, expectant mothers, caregivers caring for disabled family members, etc.


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You must book and pay through this site for the instructor to know you will be present for class. After you book your class you will receive a class confirmation email from the instructor within a few hours. Call or text your instructor at 404-620-1000 for any other questions you may have.  




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