Vision, Mission, and Values

Vision: Quick CPR will become a leading training center in Georgia by providing high quality, cost effective, CPR trainings and certifications. 

Mission: To educate humanity, young and old, about the importance of Quick CPR to advance the health of humankind when life saving measures are needed. 

Values: At Quick CPR we value human life. We believe life is the most precious gift of all. We want the members of this community to be educated and prepared to provide Quick CPR to anyone in need without delay.





Message from the Owner/Instructor.


I am Tashma Harris, owner and instructor of Quick CPR. I have been a bedside nurse for almost 2 decades providing care to ill patients. My experience in healthcare has taught me the importance of Quick CPR interventions and how it can mean life versus death and impact a person's quality of life. My education includes an Associates and Bachelor degree in Nursing from Albany State University. I am also certified as a Critical Care Registered Nurse through the American Association of Critical Care Nurses. I am certified to teach CPR courses through the American Heart Association.  All I know is healthcare. That is why I wanted to become a entrepreneur teaching CPR, First Aid, and Advanced Cardiac Life Support classes. You can feel confident that I know first hand what I'm talking about when I teach your class. I look forward to meeting new people, forming partnerships and relationships with the community and educating you on how to provide Quick CPR if someone is in need.



Are You Ready for Certification? 

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